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At ASG Strategies, we believe Customer Service is paramount to business success. When the business customer service is excellent, the sales and financial results are also excellent. “Look after your Customers as they will look after you.

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The ASG Strategies Process

Every potential client is assessed with a tailored service solution developed to help achieve the client goals. This involves matching and blending the Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting techniques to develop a program. Typically, the process is:

  • Assess: The business is assessed to determine the client goals and issues that are preventing achievement of the goals. Assessment is via an on-line tool and a meeting either face to face or online. Assessment is complimentary.
  • Develop: A program to overcome the client or business issues is then developed. This can include techniques and programs from the Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting service offerings.
  • Implement: The program is then delivered to the client. This can involve on-site, off-site and remote methods depending upon the program requirements, client location and preferences.
  • Review: At regular intervals, progress against the program is reviewed and any adjustments made.


Are you a small business owner who is always too busy, always trying to get ahead or don’t seem to have enough time? Then a coaching plan from ASG Strategies is the answer for you. With a selection of coaching options available, you can always get the advice and support you need to manage your business more effectively, attract new business and increase profits while improving your lifestyle and growing the value of your business. Andrew Gotley is an accredited Coach and Trainer. Coaching Programs are:

  • Complimentary Business Assessment: This will help you see where your business is situated and identifies areas for improvement.
  • Standard Coaching Program for Business Owners who need to improve their business skills and business results. Typically requiring up to 4 sessions per month working on improving your business skills and results.
  • Accelerated Coaching Program for Business Owners who need faster results. This can involve up to 8 sessions per month accelerating the learning of business skills and business improvements.
  • 6 Month Coaching and a Certificate in Business for Business Owners who want a formal business qualification in a shorter timeframe. This combines monthly business coaching sessions with a Certificate IV in Business Qualification.
  • 12 Month Coaching and a Diploma of Business for Business Owners who want a formal business qualification. This program combines a Diploma of Business with monthly business coaching sessions.


A facilitator helps a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives. Andrew Gotley has been accredited as a BBG Facilitator and can help your team achieve their goals and objectives.


A mentor is a person who offers their knowledge, wisdom, and advice to someone with less experience. Both parties receive significant benefits from a successful mentoring partnership. Mentoring is like coaching, but has a more broad and holistic approach.


ASG Strategies develop a deep understanding of your Business and the Markets/Industries where you operate to identify the opportunities within and external to the business. Strategies and action plans are then developed to take advantage of the opportunities and achieve your business goals.

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Customer Testimonials

"During his tenure Andrew provided strong leadership with the Australasia region despite being in a challenging environment. His management style with his team & customers together with his commercial expertise resulted in a 20% YOY growth. Andrew will always be a valuable contributor of any organisation he works with."
Frederick Lim
Managing Director APAC, Cornelius INC
"It is with pleasure that I commend Andrew to prospective clients. His work ethic and polite demeanour always effect positive results in his business activities. It is a pleasure to associate with Andrew and rendering him assistance is always reciprocated with gratitude. Honest and sincere, he is exactly the style of professional we all want."
Wayne Fernie
Business Development Manager, SJ Crushing
"Andrew has been a huge help to our Business. His help and abilities with the project management side of our business has been Brilliant. Andrews strengths in planning have already seen immediate results with Hills Uniforms and we have formed a long-term relationship due to this"
Michael Liaropoulos
Owner, Hills Uniforms
“I engaged Andrew of ASG Strategies to help me identify the critical issues in my business, then focus on techniques to address these issues. After an intense program, the problems were overcome with systems introduced to ensure they won’t reoccur. My business has now returned to normal operations and is now growing. I recommend Andrew’s business coaching approach to help any small business owner to grow their business.”
Phillip Quach
Director, RTW Rehab